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Inspiring tiles for your showers

Inspiring tiles for your showers

Inspiring tiles for your showers

From Victorian style to a more modern style there is something to suit every taste, but the most important thing that you need to remember when you are thinking showers is that whatever you decide to use should be waterproof, durable and the tiles need to be grouted properly.

If you are looking for something unique and beautiful, natural stone is the obvious answer.  This shower looks great in the Grey Polished Marble, a durable and versatile tile. Natural stone tiles will transform any room and will be admired for many years to come.

  Tiles used in this setting: EW-CASTPBBMOS (Castel Polished Mosaic Marble), EW-CASTH61X31 (Castel Polished Marble), EW-CASTP15X8 (Castel Polished Marble)


Every home has room for a drop of shine, so why not make a statement with this modern decorative gold mosaic tile. If you love shiny surfaces then you can go for this gloss finish mosaic that will bring a little bit of glamour and colour to your shower walls.

  Tiles used in this setting: GW-BULMOS (Bullion Gold Mosaic) with CS522-6030 (Tileworks Fantasy Black)


Mix and match tile to create a beautiful shower room and with so many options to choose from the possibilities are endless. This bathroom’s walls and floors have been decorated in Victorian Style with tiles designed to be combined together.

                                                           Tiles used in this setting: N9901 Jet Black Victoria, B9000 Colonial White Field Tile, 6992B Glasgow Rose RH 3-tile Set, 6994B Glasgow Border, N9921 Jet Black Sigma, GPG9002 Palm Green Half Tile,     N9903 Jet Black Skirting. Floor is York Pattern in Black and White


Doorless showers open bathrooms of all sizes to an endless array of stylish possibilities. This Wood Effect Porcelain tile works perfect in bathrooms. With a flat finish, natural tonal variations with wood colour highlights this porcelain tile will create both classic and modern design.


Tiles used in this setting: Pattaya Wood Effect Light Wood Porcelain Tile 1200x600mm matt


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